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De Soi "Reserve", signifies our pinnacle selection of premium products. Crafted with a unique blend of the finest ingredients including black currant, tart cherry, and vanilla, Purple Lune is our richest and most densely layered flavor profile to date. Its full-bodied nature promises a truly luxurious experience, inviting you to celebrate the art of apéro, with abundance.

Cheers to One Year

happy first birthday to us

We love an excuse to celebrate

It’s been one year since our co-founders, Katy Perry and Morgan McLachlan, gave the world a distinct and delicious new non-alcoholic aperitif. Since De Soi started shaking up the drink industry and causing a stir, we’ve:

  • Rolled out our first 3 flavors
  • Stocked over 400 stores, bars and restaurants
  • Created our own custom merch 
  • Been featured in Vogue, The New York Times, Forbes, and more
  • Grown our tiny-but-mighty team to 15

And the party has only begun. Thank you so much for having us at your tables and soirées - we’ve savored every moment.

Get the party started

To celebrate our 1 year anniversary, we partnered with creators of luxe, whimsical confectionery, Fancy Sprinkles, to bring you The Party Pack: 1 bottle of Golden Hour, 4 cans of Purple Lune, and 10 packets of Fancy Sprinkle’s best-selling edible glitter.

This limited-edition bundle is now sold out, but you can still toast to all of your celebratory moments with a spritz.

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De Soi Party Pack

Buzzworthy Moments

Spring 2020

Katy Perry and Morgan McLachlan team up and De Soi is born!
Next step was collaborating with an ethnobotanist to develop precise blends of adaptogenic herbs for each flavor profile

May 2021

Began concepting our brand elements and designing our iconic (and award-winning) packaging

Dec 2021

Started our first production runs!

Jan 2022

Officially launched

Jan 2022

Sold into our FIRST retail doors at non-alcoholic bottle shops: Soft Spirits, Boisson, and Minus Moonshine

Feb 2022

Kicked off brand partnerships with our friends at Charqute and Oishii

Mar 2022

Earned our Amazon prime badge ✔️

May 2022

Expanded into specialty retail chains like Erewhon and Foxtrot

Jun 2022

Created custom merch including totes, silk scarves, and coasters for spritzing in style

Jul 2022

Threw a fun launch party at the Heimat in LA

Oct 2022

Launched (and sold-out of!) our limited-edition holiday gift sets

Dec 2022

Celebrated our first holiday party (and danced the night away!) at The New Bar

Dec 2022

Won BEVNET's Best Packaging award for 2022

Jan 2023

Further expanded our retail footprint at major national retailers like Total Wine and GoPuff/BevMo

Meet the Stars

Each of De Soi’s unique, adaptogen-rich aperitifs is blended to bring you lush taste and refreshed senses, from late nights to early mornings - but no one can put it better than our co-founder and master distiller, Morgan McLachlan.

Golden Hour

“Golden Hour is the driest and most herbaceous of the line. It is refreshing and easy drinking, with verdant notes like bay, rosemary, fragrant citrus like yuzu,  and bittering herbs like hops and lemon balm leaf. “

Functional Ingredients: L-theanine, maca and lemon balm bring good vibes for that evening unwind.

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Champignon Dreams

“Champignon Dreams is our medium-bodied profile. It is fun and fruity, jammy yet earthy, with red fruit notes of strawberry, gentian, jasmine, burdock, bitter citrus, and juniper, and . . .  mushrooms! It sounds bananas, but it’s absolutely gluggable.“

Functional Ingredients: L-theanine, passionflower, and reishi mushroom make the ideal sip for rebalancing your flow.

Shop Champignon Dreams

Purple Lune

“Purple Lune is our richest profile, with notes of dark jammy fruit, vanilla, oak, rose, and bitter tannins and resins, layered on chocolate earthy notes, finished with black pepper spice. We wanted to emulate the agrestic notes that you find in full bodied red wines. It has a wonderfully long finish.”

Functional Ingredients: L-theanine, tart cherry, and ashwagandha for a little refreshed focus and calm.

Shop Purple Lune

Keep the party going

Join us in celebrating pleasure with restraint and keep your bar stocked in 2023.

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This year, go big, stay balanced, and choose yourself.

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