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De Soi "Reserve", signifies our pinnacle selection of premium products. Crafted with a unique blend of the finest ingredients including black currant, tart cherry, and vanilla, Purple Lune is our richest and most densely layered flavor profile to date. Its full-bodied nature promises a truly luxurious experience, inviting you to celebrate the art of apéro, with abundance.

Our Ingredients

Botanical Glossary

All the botanicals inside our bottles and cans are naturally delicious.

Ready to Sip
No Artificial Colors/Flavors
Pure Extract

Ingredients A-Z


The chill pill of ancient Ayurvedic herbs, ashwagandha is a known rasayana, a restorative botanical that both mellows and sharpens the mind. It's long been given to chronically stressed out people to cut through irritability and fatigue and help them focus. Plus, its history with wine goes way back; rumor has it Alexander the Great once drank a glass tinged with ashwagandha to gear up for battle. We’ll have what he’s having. 

included in: Purple Lune
Balsamic Vinegar

The sweetest of all the vinegars, balsamic is made from grape must, freshly crushed grape juice with all the skins, seeds, and stems. Like all DOP goods, there are a lot of copycats out there, but true balsamic comes from Trebbiano or Lambrusco grapes, resulting in a vinegar that is rich, glossy, and deep in color and flavor. Yes please.

included in: Purple Lune
Bay Leaf

Bay leaf; you add it to soups and stews, but what is it really doing in there? The short answer is this: bay leaf makes everything taste more. More earthy, more balanced, more full of flavor. And just like you might not be able to pick it apart from the other flavors going on in your chicken noodle soup, at first sip of Golden Hour you probably won’t notice it. But it’s there, adding an herbal note that brings everything else into balance.

included in: Golden Hour

Bergamot grows in the province of Reggio di Calabria in Italy, which makes sense; its sexy scent and face-tilted-to-the-sun vibe are very Italian. Just the word alone brings to mind romantic images of sun-soaked Sicilian vistas. And in Golden Hour, the fruit’s sharp citrus flavor gets along just fine with our other sunny ingredients, like lemongrass and yuzu. 

included in: Golden Hour

A pioneer species known for its ability to grow on uncolonized land, the birch tree is an unlikely addition to Champignon Dreams. But if you’ve ever had birch beer, you know that the tree produces a sap that tastes like molasses, with rich caramel notes and spice coming through to amp up the natural sweetness of fresh strawberries and apricots.

included in: Champignon Dreams
Black Pepper

The spice next to your salt shaker, black pepper has become standard fare in the kitchen. But if you’ve ever had a pepper-forward dish like cacio e pepe or steak au poivre, you know that when left to its own devices, the spice can really shine. Pepper’s earthy, floral qualities and subtle heat are what give Purple Lune its playful pop and lingering bite. 

included in: Purple Lune

Packed with iron, vitamin C, and antioxidants, blackberries don’t get the props they deserve for being a bonafide powerfood in their own right. In the UK and Ireland, lore says that blackberries shouldn’t be picked after October 11th, as the devil has made them unfit to eat by stepping or spitting on them. Call us sinful, but we don’t care: we’re eating these tart, juicy berries all year long.

included in: Purple Lune

Our favorite forbidden fruit, blackcurrants are small, tart berries that were once popular stateside. Then in the early 1900s, farming of the fruit was banned, as it was considered a threat to the growing logging industry. The federal ban shifted to the jurisdiction of the states back in the ‘60s, but it took until 2003 for New York to permit the plant to grow again. Fast forward to now, where we’re psyched to say blackcurrants are back and better than ever, adding a sour yet earthy flavor to both Champignon Dreams and Purple Lune.

included in: Champignon Dreams and Purple Lune

The rumors are true; chocolate is good for you. Or, at least some of it is. Cacao is packed with antioxidants, making it as good for your body as it is for your brain. Plus, it’s delicious with wine, which is why we added it to Purple Lune for the full decadent experience. Run a bath while you’re at it.

included in: Purple Lune and Spritz Italiano

With its warm, citrusy profile, delicate spice, and subtle smoky notes, cardamom brings a captivating flavor profile to every sip. Not only does it add depth and complexity, it’s also said to be a real champ when it comes to aiding digestion and providing antioxidant goodness.

included in: Très Rosé

Most often used in tea, chamomile comes from Greek words meaning “earth apple” and “on the ground.” The meaning is pretty literal; the plant’s daisy-like flowers sprout from the grass every year with their sweet scent and soft, floral taste. That coupled with the plant’s mild sedative properties are only part of what makes it so great in Golden Hour. 

included in: Golden Hour
Champagne Vinegar

Champagne vinegar, the fancy cousin of balsamic, hails from France's Champagne region. Made from the same grapes as the bubbly stuff, fermentation provides a subtle fizz, fruity hints, and a delightful tang for a vibrancy that balances the ripe, summer fruits in Très Rosé.

included in: Très Rosé
Citric Acid

Citric acid is the silent champion in your drinks, adding zest, preserving freshness, and enhancing flavor. From balancing sweetness to extending shelf life, it keeps your beverages tasting fresh sip after sip.

included in: Spritz Italiano
Date Syrup

Dates – they’re sticky, they’re sweet, and when you eat them with some almond butter and a square of dark chocolate, you feel like you might actually be a goddess of pleasure and health. That’s because beside being full of natural sugars, dates are also rich in polyphenols, a type of plant compound that acts like an antioxidant. It’s why people have been snacking on them for thousands of years; in fact, in ancient Scandinavia, dates even had their own assigned fork, a total power move that makes us love them even more. 

included in: Purple Lune

A flower steeped in lore, the elderflower symbolizes rejuvenation. It’s also a huge hit at hex parties; legend has it that witches used to congregate under elder trees when they were full of fruit, seeking out protection under its drooping canopy. Sounds like it’s time to get your coven crew together and drink up, baby.

included in: Golden Hour
Gentian Root

Gentian root is the botanical that makes bitters taste bitter. From Angostura to Aperol to a whole host of Americano apéritifs, gentian root gives your favorite bottles a sharp, satisfying bite. Oh, and rumor has it it’s good for you too; the botanical gets its name from the Ilyrian king Gentius, who first discovered the tonic properties in gentians. Gentius wasn’t wrong – the root is anti-inflammatory and good for digestion.


Hailing from ancient lands of Northern Asia and Europe, ginger is a powerhouse root known for its vibrant flavor and remarkable health benefits. Bursting with natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, this spicy gem adds a zing of warmth and depth.

included in: Très Rosé

Bracingly sour and low on sugar, grapefruit was a popular diet food back in the ‘50s, eaten by lunching ladies everywhere who were looking to cut calories. While we don’t have to worry about our waistlines nearly as much these days (*prayer emoji*), we still love grapefruit for its acidic punch that’s packed with antioxidants. 


Yep, hops are for more than just beer. Though they are a pretty essential part to your favorite ales, the perennial flower brings its signature citrus flavor to more than just cool kid IPAs. Find it in Golden Hour, where the bitter botanical gives the aperitif the bite you crave.

included in: Golden Hour

Juniper is known for its starring role in gin, but the botanical works just as well in other beverages, lending its forest-forward flavor to just about everything. That includes Champignon Dreams, where juniper’s piney notes add depth to brighter botanicals like grapefruit and strawberry.

included in: Champignon Dreams

L-theanine is a key amino acid component that comes from green tea, the most consumed beverage in the world behind water. Known to enhance cognition, this nootropic component contains just trace amounts of caffeine, so it won’t make you tired or wired–just a calmer, more mellowed out version of yourself

Lactic Acid

Here's a fun fact: while lactic acid is often associated with muscles and workouts, it surprises as the secret conductor of tartness, enhancing both flavor and texture, to transform ordinary drinks into extraordinary sips.

included in: Très Rosé
Lemon Balm

Aptly named, lemon balm is like a balm for the soul. If that sounds corny, hear us out – the perennial botanical is said to enhance mood, boost libido, and reduce stress, which is why you’ll find its mild lemon scent used in aromatherapy. In Golden Hour, lemon balm works in tandem with maca to spur creativity.

included in: Golden Hour

Lemongrass is the backbone of Thai dishes like larb and curry, where its tart taste and bright minty quality make other bold ingredients like fish sauce and lime leaf really sing. In Golden Hour, that means it’s lemongrass’ job is to round out all the other citrus notes.  

included in: Golden Hour
Lion's Mane

Bursting with vitamins, nutrients, and phytochemicals, this nutritional powerhouse is here to turn up the heat. Lion's Mane mushroom, an ancient Ayurvedic remedy, is known to soothe stress, sharpen the mind, and promote a sense of calm. But that's not all—this extraordinary plant also brings a delicate earthiness that adds depth to the fruity notes of Très Rosé.

included in: Très Rosé and Spritz Italiano

Savor the summertime essence with this exotic fruit, known for its tantalizing taste and delicate fragrance. These little ruby gems transport your taste buds to a tropical paradise, while also packing a punch of antioxidants to keep you feeling refreshed and vibrant.

included in: Très Rosé
Maple Syrup

While we love a good pancake pour, at De Soi we use maple syrup as a subtle sweetening agent in our zesty Golden Hour flavor. The delicate syrup brings out the natural sweetness of our other ingredients like pear juice and bergamot extract for a crisp, just-dry-enough apéritif.

included in: Golden Hour

Myrrh and wine are a combo as old as time. The botanical dates back to ancient Rome, when it was mixed in wine and posca, an ancient drink of vinegar, water, and herbs that was drunk en masse by the lower class and hated by the elite. Now you probably know the spicy, bitter botanical best for its sweet scent, burned as incense and worn as perfume. In Purple Lune, it gets down with black pepper and blackcurrants for a subtly sharp note.

included in: Purple Lune

When people hear the word oak, they can get scared. “Do I really want my wine to have bark notes?” they ask. I mean no, but also, yes. In small quantities, oak can add a certain je ne sais quoi to a drink, which is exactly what it does in Purple Lune. Its high tannin content and ability to impart a smokey vanillin flavor are just a couple reasons why we love it.

included in: Purple Lune

Orange, the quintessential fruit of sunny orchards and breakfast tables, bursts with citrus goodness. Its tangy-sweet flavor makes each sip a refreshing delight, while providing a boost of vitamin C and antioxidants.

included in: Spritz Italiano
Passion Flower

So you know passionfruit, but have you seen the groovy blooms the same plant produces? A natural nervine, passionflower’s light lavender petals and showy stamens help calm your nerves and soothe your spirit while adding an herbal quality to the juice inside the bottle.

included in: Champignon Dreams

We’ve all seen Call Me By Your Name. We know about peach’s, um, erotic associations. But beyond their big screen debut, peaches are also a summer favorite for their sweet, juicy flesh and fuzzy blushing skin. While the yellow-fleshed fruit is bright and acidic, its white-fleshed counterpart found in China and Japan is delightfully delicate. 

included in: Purple Lune

Apple’s more humble cousin, the pear comes in a bunch of shapes and sizes, from the Bosc to the Bartlett to the Red Anjou. Depending on the variety, the pear can be eaten crisp and crunchy like an apple, or soft and juicy like a peach. In Golden Hour, the fruit’s sweet, floral taste balances the drink’s dry, herbaceous notes.

included in: Golden Hour

Uh huh, there’s pine in here. Way back when, resin from the coniferous tree was used by the ancient Greeks to seal wine and prevent oxidation. This pine in wine tactic imparted a subtle evergreen flavor on the beverage, which people in the eastern Byzantine empire regions loved, and began to expect. Needless to say, the solution stuck, and here we are today, putting pine in our non-alcoholic aperitif to add a nice earthy note a la the Greeks. 

included in: Purple Lune

Quassia is a tropical tree celebrated for its bitter wood, a longtime favorite in herbal remedies. It's said to aid digestion, tame cravings, and even lend a hand in combating stress.

included in: Spritz Italiano

Brimming with iron, vitamin C, and a wealth of antioxidants, these ruby berries unleash their superpowers of flavor and nutrition. Their tangy sweetness brings a nutritious punch and a delightful boost to any sip.

included in: Très Rosé
Reishi Mushroom

A fungus used in traditional Chinese medicine, reishi mushroom is a stress soothing, brain boosting botanical often referred to as “the herb of immortality.” Like other mushrooms, reishi’s good at keeping your immune system going strong, thanks to its beta-glucans component. Plus, ancient Chinese emperors once swathed themselves in silk robes adorned with images of reishi mushrooms, proving what we already knew–Reishi is meant for kicking back and straight chillin’.


Let's spill the tea about Rooibos, the flavor-packed brew derived from the South African red bush. Celebrated for its naturally soothing qualities, earthy flavor, and rich antioxidants, Rooibos also boasts delicate floral notes that perfectly complement the sweet summer fruits found in Très Rosé.

included in: Très Rosé

Rosemary is the opposite of a one-trick pony in the kitchen. From nestling in olive oil cakes full of fresh citrus to rubbing shoulders with thyme and tarragon in herbes de provence, the fresh herb adds an herbal quality to everything it touches. In Golden Hour, that means mellowing all the zing and zest from the bright citrus notes with its sweet, herbaceous flavor. 

included in: Golden Hour

Brace yourself for the golden wonder that is saffron—an incredible ally for uplifting both your body and soul. This precious spice has powerful antioxidants and is said to have mood-enhancing properties and potential stress-reducing effects, promoting mental harmony and bringing balance to your body.

included in: Très Rosé
Sherry Vinegar

Sherry vinegar is a little like balsamic, except instead of hailing from Italy and being made from grape must, it comes from southwest Spain, where sherry wine is aged in oak. The type of grape used varies bottle to bottle, and will dictate how dry or sweet the flavor is. In Champignon Dreams, sherry vinegar adds necessary acid, balancing all the other fruity flavors.

included in: Champignon Dreams

These little ruby gems are a classic summer fruit, ready to be baked into pies, spooned onto shortcake, and snacked on straight up in the heat of July. In Champignon Dreams, strawberry teams up with apricot to lend a sweet, juicy note.

included in: Champignon Dreams
Tart Cherry

Spend enough time cruising wellness blogs and you’ll know that the tart cherry, sweet cherry’s acidic cousin, is a stone cold killer when it comes to kicking the common cold. The fruit does wonders for the body even when it’s not fighting the flu though. Studies have shown that the tart cherry contains melatonin, the naturally occurring substance that helps you fall asleep. Don’t worry – a few glasses of Purple Lune won’t knock you out, but it will help you chill.

included in: Purple Lune

Tulsi is a type of basil that’s popular in Ayurvedic medicine, used to improve digestion and overall health with its potent combo of vitamin A and C, as well as minerals like calcium, zinc, and iron. While other varieties of basil have a strong licorice flavor, Tulsi tastes more like cloves, with bitter notes coming through.

included in: Champignon Dreams

Vanilla gets a bad rep for being boring (see: ‘vanilla sex’). But TBH, we think anyone who’s too cool for vanilla probably hasn’t had the good stuff: fresh Madagascar vanilla, straight from the pod. The real deal is sweet, smoky, milky, and gets down with way more than just ice cream. In Purple Lune, it teams up with chocolate for a classic combo. 

included in: Purple Lune
White Grape

White grape brings a burst of juicy sweetness that evokes lazy summer afternoons. And it's more than just delicious—it's loaded with antioxidants like resveratrol, giving you a little dose of wellness with each sip!

included in: Spritz Italiano

Yuzu is a fun fruit. You can tell from just the name alone. And when you add it to other mouth-puckering citrus flavors like bergamot and lemongrass in Golden Hour, it shines even brighter. Native to central China, yuzu originated as a hybrid between the mandarin orange and the ichang papeda, itself a similarly bumpy citrus fruit with a fresh lemon scent. 

included in: Golden Hour